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restaurant Wrangel

Nowhere on Rügen can you get a more unique start to the day than with our generous breakfast buffet, served beneath the magnificent stucco ceilings of the Four Seasons Salon.
We are always happy to prepare an exquisite picnic basket for you on request.
When you get back from an outing, why not relax on our summer terrace with coffee and homemade cakes and gateaux. We particularly recommend the delicious Castle Gateau from our in-house pâtisserie.
When Mediterranean fare meets Mecklenburg cuisine and our excellent kitchen artists create their superb new variations, what better place to enjoy the exquisite results than beneath the vaulted ceiling of our tradition-steeped Wrangel Restaurant.
It’s no coincidence that our restaurant is recommended in almost every travel guide: we were the first on the island to combine the mastery of Rügen’s chefs with the sophistication of Mediterranean cuisine.

What will it be?
A carpaccio of salmon and scallops, a tower of tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella with balsamico glaze served on a bouquet of salad, a pink-roasted breast of Musk duck served on a confit of cassis and onion with poppy brioche, or perhaps a fillet of sea trout on a nage of saffron vegetables, served with polenta strudel pockets. Why not finish off with a cassis parfait on almond sponge for dessert. We also highly recommend our Cointreau ice-cream soufflé.

We will be delighted to help you select your meal from our superb menu.

Choose from our exquisite wine list. Our German, Italian, French and Spanish wines put the finishing touch to a perfect evening.

Opening times:

Daily from 12:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. and until 10 p.m. in peak season.


Table reservations:

Tel.: +49 38302-770